Week 6 – Lesson 4 – Keeping The Machine Running

Written Instructions

  • Rinse and repeat
    • Now that you understand the complete system from zero to leads using influencer’s campaigns, It is all about scheduling and repeating the process to scale your results. 
    • All you have to do now is to repeat the process for any other influencer, or several influencers at the same time.  
  • Spin the flywheel
    • Once you have outsourced some of the work for this you can start scaling, this means promo after promo with different influencers or even more advanced techniques like couple promos at the same time. 
    • This has multiple purposes:
      • You keep adding more people to your list.
      • That same person might see your offer somewhere else with other influencers, which is desirable because it reminds them of your offer.
      • You work up your status as expert/ dominant on the field. 
      • Usually, any given audience is connected with the same circle of influencers. 
      • It takes a couple of times for them to decide whether or not taking action over your offer, the more they see it the better.

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