Week 6 – Lesson 2 – Hiring Process & Pay

Written Instructions

  • Upwork
    • Upwork is an outsourcing platform for freelancers, it allows you to find talented people around the world, that way you have access to such talented people with different backgrounds. 
    • It allows you to pay just for authorized work, based on a fixed rate for the job or hours worked. 
    • Get different proposals for the same job, chose among the best.
    • You can also hire for recurrent work, this is actually one of the best ways to go in order to scale a complex but well-structured process because once passed the learning curve the hours needed to get the job done decreases significantly. 
    • Outsourcing the job is hands-down the hardest when you don’t have standard operational procedures like those you just learned in here, however, it will take out so much work from you if it is properly done.
    • You can also use Upwork as a communication platform between you and your freelancers.

  • Pay through Upwork
    • Upwork also allows you to monitor the performance of the people working for you, taking recurrent screenshots during their job hours, that way you can compare with the quality of the job getting done. 
    • Pay only using Upwork’s platform, using a credit card, Paypal or Bank Account. It allows you to have a guarantee that you only pay for the job done and authorized.  

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