Week 6 – Lesson 1 – The Positions You Have

Written Instructions

  • Designer
    • Definitely one of the positions that take most of the time is creating the content for your promos, mostly if you have zero knowledge or background on digital design. 
    • This position is in charge of creating the landing pages (Opt-in/Registration), using LeadPages is highly intuitive and needs zero expertise in coding, any designer can use it. 
    • Paying somebody 10 or 20 hours for this job is way more profitable than doing it yourself when you could be doing any other task you are way better at. 
    • You will get more professional content at the end.
    • Good content can be reused on your own IG account as well with other promos in the future. 

  • Influencer Manager & Tracking
    • This position is all about researching,  reaching out, managing responses.
    •  Also based on the simplicity of the funnel and tracking, the same person can set up and manage the performance of your promo, while you can just analyze and spend your time on coming up with new tweaks and strategies for your business. 

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