Week 5 – Lesson 1 – Was The Campaign Successful Or Not

Written Instructions

  • It is a good practice to monitor the traffic during the promo, however, it is more clear at the if the campaign was a success or not. 
  • Your tracking system is a good way to start assessing your campaign. Go to ConversionFly and check how good the conversion was for your lead magnet opt-in, use the section “Funnel View”.  
  • Use IG Insights to review your own channel performance during the promo, remember that your account is linked inside the post, in the best case scenario (if you have good content) you will get some followers during this time.  
  • The influencer will have information about the activity within his/her channel after 7 days, due to IG analytics. Don’t forget to ask for it.
  • Traffic volume is quite relative, it depends on the quality a bit more. Your main measure should be conversion rate. What you are looking for is to have the best offer for the audience, so when you scale the traffic you get way more conversions and potential sales as well. 
  • Every single person that gets into your list is a potential client in the future.
  • Nonetheless, it is important to measure also against Cost per visitor, which is (total visitors/total promo cost). 
  • PRO TIP: If the influencer does not erase your posts, make sure to go and check how was the overall engagement for your content compared to other content in that channel. This will give you an amazing idea of how well designed your approach was. 

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