Week 4 – Lesson 3 – Creating Material For Them To Post

Written Instructions

After you have successfully agreed with a lockdown, you have to set up a date to launch the private promo, as by now we don’t want to overlap traffic from IG, so they must be organized as one after another. Use your calendar to organize this, it is very important to always be on time so you don’t lose it or happens to forget a date. 

  • It’s important to set up the initial date with time enough to prepare the content (this usually will take up to 7-10 days, depending on the urgency, team, and background)
  • The end date would be typically 7 days after the initial date, this will vary depending on the agreement you have with the influencer. 
  • Depending on the channel, you will need to prepare different content to create sort of a bridge between the post/story and the registration to any given objective, ask the influencer or simply look for the highest engagement posts, then apply the same model to your content. 
    • For instance, if the content is made with stock images and phrases such as quotes. The first thing is to find quotes that link the content with the solution you are offering. 
    • Compile a list of 30-50 quotes/options, then ask the influencer to choose 14 from them, those quotes should have higher engagement with his or her audience

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