Week 4 – Lesson 1 – Setting Up Your Tracking

Written Instructions

For this step, we recommend using ConversionFly, because it is user-friendly in many aspects such as analyzing results, which is clearly one of the most important but also in terms of User Experience. Plus, support and connectivity are just great overall. 

Obviously, you can use any app that you feel more comfortable with. 

We are going to explain here how you can do it by using ConversionFly. 

1 – Setting up a Funnel 

Go to ConversionFly Dashboard. 

My Funnels -> Add New Funnel -> Name as “Offer Name”.


Webpage Platforms -> Check the following



Active Campaign


Payment Processors -> Check the following



“Does this funnel have a registration/Opt-in page?” -> YES

“Are you selling a product?” -> YES

“Do you have any upsell, downsell or other?” -> YES


2 – Setting up pages inside the funnel


– To set up a page inside the funnel, first name your page in “Step Name” (It could be Opt-In or Registration)

– Now add the Page URL -> Go to https://my.leadpages.net/#/my-pages

– Copy the View Link (Not Edit Link) for the landing page.

– Now go back to the funnel you are working on -> Paste the link from above at the “PAGE URL”.

– Select the type of page.

– “Does this page contain product or services” -> NO (For Opt-In Pages).

– Update.


In case you have several landing page versions for the opt-in, or any other, just click on “Add URL” and add all the other view links for the pages that you need.

Repeat this process for all the pages inside the funnel. 


3 – Setting up Tracking

– Click on Tracking Code inside the funnel on ConversionFly.

– Copy the Code from the box

– Paste this code inside the analytics section for the Opt-In page. If using leadPages, edit the page and go to Analytics, then paste the code inside the “Body” section, Do not put in the header or bottom.  



After you have set up the tracking on LeadPages, you will see a blue dot down below the preview page inside the ConversionFly Funnel. If you get a Red Dot that means LeadPages do not have the tracking code on the page or it’s in the wrong spot.

4  – How to create an Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) for Ads/Emails

Urchin Tracking Module is basically a link that allows us to hunt down and track all the upcoming traffic to any given webpage or specific direction. 

Use the spreadsheet “UTM Organizer” to administrate all the UTMs that you create, so you always have access and control over it. 



– Click on “Create Tracking Link”

– Ad type -> Either Affiliate, FB, IG, YT, etc. You have to create at least 2 individual UTMs to start. 


1.Your personal channel bio link. 

  1. A link for any individual IG channel that drives traffic to your offers.  


– Description -> Specify here the source (i.e. IG Channel name)

– Set the traffic payment type and price -> Flat rate (1-time payment), CPC or CPL.

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