Week 3 – Lesson 3 – Scripts we use to negotiate

Written Instructions

Negotiation script

Subject: Channel Sponsorship 


Hello [First Name], 

I hope you are doing amazing today! 

I just reviewed your rates/proposal, first of all, I’d need to know what kind of guarantee can you give me or if there are any results you have had before with other similar promos.

Secondly, At the moment we are just testing this new offer [your lead magnet], I’m not expecting to get sales during the promo, so we are basically losing money here, that’s why we can’t afford to go over budget. 

However, if we can find some middle ground in terms of the budget like [$USD] [Per day or total] and of course we get reasonable results, I will definitely come back to work many other times and do more business together. 

I’m looking forward to working with such a talented mind like yours, holding on your response for this. 

Best regrets

[Your Name]

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