Week 3 – Lesson 2 – Negotiation Process

Written Instructions

What is 7x7x1? Proposal guidelines

Ideally, we want 1 post per day, 1 story and the registration link on the bio. Making a grand total of 7 posts, 7 stories (with a swipe up), 1 link on the Bio. 7x7x1.

The amount paid is broken down into daily payments, as it is easier to negotiate a daily price rather than total.


Usually, you will get a dropout for two reasons: either by money terms (overpriced influencer) or content doesn’t match with the ideas or objectives of the channel.


Proposal budget can be negotiated only if it’s worth to raise up the price for it.

The rule of thumb would be +50k genuine followers + good engagement, your content/offer matches the audience. 30-40% increase in price is usually the top, ONLY if it is a really good fit for your offer. Make sure to run the Social Media Verification Apps, especially during these cases.


Some influencers might ask for an affiliate link so they can get a recurrent commission for any sell they bring to the door. In that case, we take off the upfront money out of the table and offer 30-50 % commission on every purchase meanwhile the customer is on the service. This only applies to other offers rather than the lead magnet, because you are not having sales upfront.

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