Week 3 – Lesson 1 – LockDown System

Written Instructions

Once you have come to agree on a budget for the promo, it’s time to set a timeframe for this as well. Make sure to take enough time to prepare the content and does not overlap with any other traffic source towards the same offer, so you don’t bias your results, but also that the dates fit good for the other person.  

Use the following script: 


3 – Work details

Subject: Working details


Hello [First Name],

In the subsequent, all work matters will be handled through email.

Just to confirm the dates for our promotion will be:

Start date  [ .. / .. /…. ]

to the

Final date  [ .. / .. /…. ]

Please let me know if these dates work well for you. 

For the payment, please send an invoice through Paypal to the email: payments@yourcompany.io

* NOTE: All payments without exception must be sent as INVOICE. Payments sent only as a money request can’t be covered. *

About the posts and stories, we want you to be as attached to your regular content, we would like to diminish as much as possible the extra work for you, for which we can opt for the following system:

From a list of phrases or quotes related to your channel, you will help me choose 14 of those, the ones you think will have better interaction with your audience since nobody knows this better you.


Our design team will be responsible for generating the graphic content for the stories and posts. (For this step we would like to have your logo or isotype in PNG format for graphic design)

We’ll help you with the content, sending you a couple of options so you can choose what to write in the descriptions.

The registration link of your bio description will be 100% personalized to your channel.

If you have further questions regarding any part of this promotion, don’t hesitate to contact me.



[Your name]


4 –  Launch details

Subject: Call to Action and Launching



Hello [First Name],


I hope you’re having a great day so far, I’m adding the content for the first 2 days of this promo.

This is the link to place on your bio: yourcompany.io/influencername


Then the content for the post descriptions:

:fire: Especially for you, @yourcompanyhashtag has developed an [your lead magnet] FREE, which will teach you from scratch how to [the benefit here].

You can get [benefit + result + short time frame]. :fire:


ONLY this week! Get FREE access:

  1. Follow @yourcompanyhashtag: thumbtack:
  2. Click on the profile link @yourcompanyhashtag: thumbtack:
  3. Register for 100% FREE training: thumbtack:

: thick_verification_mark: This is your chance to [what they will be getting]!

For the stories, you can use a swipe to sent directly to the link: yourcompany.io/product

We want to analyze the results of the first days, to know if it is necessary to modify the content or some strategy.

We would love to have excellent results to repeat this in the future, any questions, do not hesitate to ask.


[Your name]

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