Week 2 – Lesson 3 – Peaking Interest & Information We Send

Written Instructions

  • There’s one thing to remember, you are going to get rejected at least 50% of the times, this is completely normal mostly because of human nature, period. Due to this fact, DO NOT feel discouraged by any means, it is nothing related to your offer at all. 
  • Once you have gotten positive answers such as “Tell me more about your promo/offer/product…” or “I’m interested how can we proceed…” 
  • Ask them to give you a contact email and his/her name so you can establish a relationship, it’s going to be so much easier for you this way. 
  • Then you can use the following script: 

2 – Proposal

Hello [First Name],


Just like you, we help people who are trying to [What they desire], and we’re looking to team up with an influencer like you to help add some more value to your audience.

Our company is giving away [your LeadMagnet], an example I think may be a good fit for your community is one that breaks down the process on [Mention the big benefit].

Here is a preview of the landing page and the offer.

<Insert here a link to your landing page with the offer> 

Our company focuses on [What is your core business] and the very end, we mention our [Product] [name of product], which allows people to [What they can achieve by getting it]


And we don’t hard sell it or anything like that, they can get [Mention a sample] for no risk.

I would like to work in the following way:

Make 1 post and a story a day promoting  [your lead magnet] + a link in the biography. All this for 7 days. Completing this way, 7 posts, 7 stories and 1 link in the bio.

After 7 days you’re free to remove all content.

I’ll pay you [$ USD] per day, delivering 50% immediately and 50% at the end of the promotion.

For a total amount of  [$ USD].

Note that this proposal is only valid if we can confirm the authenticity of the audience, as a security measure. A simple screen capture where it shows these data: Countries, ages and gender.

If this works for you, I can send you the payment and the link, and we move forward.

Sounds good to you?

Best regards,

[Your name]

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