Week 2 – Lesson 1 – Standard Operating Procedures

Written Instructions

  • Decide whether you are using an IG Computer App or the conventional phone app.
  • Create a list of the most relevant keywords for your audience.
  • Now go to the search section inside IG, start searching using the keywords one by one. 
  • Start checking the relevant channels within each search.
  • Usually, to assess a channel you should consider them based on these criteria: 
    • Amount of followers –  100k followers is a good starting point, as you keep digging you might have to go as low as 50k-10k followers.
    • Engagement – The content is relevant to the audience, You can tell this by the likes on the posts compared to the number of followers. Also, Pay attention to the quantity and quality of the comments.
    • Post Frequency –  the more active, the better.  How frequent they post (at least 1 per week or so). Frequency can be measured by the time of the latest posts.
    • Trust and Rapport – This is part of the engagement, but it determines the quality of the traffic, you can know this by the comments and the interaction between the influencer and the audience. 

The formula is simple: Engagement * Frequency = Traffic.

  • Make sure that the content inside the channel appeals to the offer you want to give away. 
  • Once you can tell the channel fits on your needs, check on the bio to look for any given details of contact or if they offer some advertisement services. In some cases, they may provide a contact number, email or instructions such as “Ad/publicity contact on Direct Message”. 
  • Now, use the Spreadsheet called “Influencers Research Organizer” to gather all the info from your research.

  • In order to look for more prospects related, you can always use “suggestions” right next to follow up button inside any given channel. 
  • We suggest running the channels through the Social Blade App to ensure that the channel is legit enough and you won’t get fake traffic or no traffic at all.  

Find here useful documents and materials to get the most out of your lesson. 

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