Week 1 – Lesson 4 – Lead Magnets

Written Instructions

Lead Magnets are basically small pieces of valuable information for your audience that they find interesting or relevant to solve their needs/situation. Do not spend way too much time into this, you want to give away something valuable without sacrificing days of work. 

Some ideas for creating your lead magnet:

  • Scripts 
  • Templates
  • Blueprints
  • Cheatsheets 
  • Case Studies
  • Special Reports
  • Guides


Characteristics of a well-done Lead Magnet: 

  • Solves a real problem 
  • Promises one quick win 
  • Super specific  
  • Quick to digest 
  • High value 
  • Instantly accessible 
  • Demonstrates your expertise or UVP 

Creating your Lead Magnet: 

  • Identify the real and specific problem that your potential client has. 
  • Go ahead and research information about it or gather information from your own experience/business. 
  • Organize the information. 
  • Choose your lead magnet format. 
  • Designing   

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