Week 1 – Lesson 2 – What To Be Careful Of

Written Instructions

  • There’s a ton of fake accounts on Instagram.
  • The amount of bots linked to those fake accounts is massive.
  • Only accounts with more than 10k followers can use the swipe up function for stories.
  • Pick the right influencers for your offer, it’s more about targeted traffic than a high volume of low-quality traffic. 
  • Make influencers feel that you genuinely like and care about their channels, also acknowledge that they are a person like you.  
  • Remember to always ask the influencer for stats about their channels, it is very important to know what kind of audience is going to see your offer. 
  • Review the content gets the highest engagement in the channel and replicate it. 
  • Seek to create a real relationship with the influencer.

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