Week 1 – Lesson 1 – Tools Needed:

Written Instructions

Outreach App – It is recommended to use an Instagram computer app. 

In any case, you can always use your phone for the process, but remember that It is way easier to get this done on a desktop/laptop. 

CRM – Especially useful when dealing with a high volume of contacts at the same time, if you can’t afford this simply use Gmail. 

Designing App – Creating the content for your influencers.

LeadMagnet – Attracting potential clients. 

Promo Schedule – Planning your promo and always be on time.

  • Google Calendar  

Tracking app – Best way to analyze how successful your promo was and what does not work. 

Landing Page Designing App –  Preferably a visual builder that takes 5 min to use. 

Paypal Business Account – Basically the best way to pay your influencers and be safe from scammers.

 Personalized URL / Shortener App – Or any other app to do personalized links.

Email Marketing App – Delivering Lead Magnet, more value and some offer in the future. 

  • Active Campaign
  • ConvertKit

Social Media Verification Apps – Preferably use both at the same time.

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